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The Locating Me chapbook is the culmination of a 10-week writing workshop facilitated by Nicole M. Young and hosted by Attack Bear Press.  These deeply personal works explore identity, belonging, and journeys toward healing.  Chapbook contributors include Ella Nathanael Alkiewicz, Miguel Bacho Cabezas, Ed Lubin, Romeo Romero, and Katalina Van Winkle.  The chapbook was designed and edited by Nicole M. Young.

The workshop series was supported by the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and the Northampton Arts Council. The publication of the chapbook is supported by Easthampton City Arts' Artist Grants Initiative.

A limited edition, only 100 copies of the chapbook were printed.

I Was There by Nicole M. Young


Standing within shields of silence.

Sanctioned alone in thought;

Suspect of the edges of tomorrow,

Settled beneath the hopes of yesterday,

Satisfied with the loneliness of today;

Apprehended in a profoundness gained 

through this

Inherent voyage.


Becoming a whisper within echoes.


There is beauty in waiting:

Loitering on borrowed time.


By permission;

To sometimes exist even in 

a peaceful yet painful pause.

A well-kept promise to slowly digest

Whatever’s remaining

To that what lies ahead.


Though I may seem absent

And unable to be present,

Just know that without a doubt,

I was there.