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This Loud Black Woman Shall Speak
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After Audre:  Re/Visit with The Woman Who Made Me (2018/2020)


To the little girl who grew up

To be invincible in a world

That deems her invisible.

To the toddler who once leveled 

With stones who will soon look

Beyond the horizon as she reaches

Towards the sky.

To the tween who stepped into her fierceness

While acknowledging her fears.

To the once little girl

Who broke through other's truths to

discover her own destiny.

To the one who discovered her prowess 

Before she sought her wealth.

To the one who, with ambition,

Wears awkward as an award.

For those of us:

May we continue to persists beyond others' apprehension,


and harmful intention.

For all of us:

May we greet her with conviction.

May we only open doors for her that 

Will lead her on the path...

Following a journey 

Filled with glee, prosperity, pleasures, victories, 

beauty and peace.

Non/sense (2018)

Is it ever possible to connect the dots to all the faults that interrupt our journeys?

Those hurdles that became defaults.

A disconnect to (the) cause of recklessness:

What is deemed to be true.

To cast blame, a caste of shame.

An urge to abandon responsibility.

Shall we ever be brave to acknowledge our role;

One with amusement

Yet sensed in the demise

Published in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Vol. 14, Issue 3 Black Currant

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