Selected Works

Genesis (2017)


I sit at the edge of tomorrow with fear in my heart from today with the hope of yesterday, yearning for continued existence into eternity.

I am a whisper among echoes.

Bare naked, forgiving the forgotten.

Coming clean, well aware of the need to acknowledge and relish these unsatisfactory, unsatisfied desires.

To internalize the exposed only discredits the hearty.

Those that are the most fed tend to remain the hungriest

Don’t wait to be chosen.

Self-select thyself to shed the light.

It is only until we decide to emerge from the cast of shadows that we will find our own way out of the various, invisible, bothersome burdens.

Honey (2017)


Soul searching.

Mind jerking.

An empty space leads you towards wonder.

Heart aches.

Beats break.

The absence leads to questions one is

uncertain they’d want answered.

Minutes pass,

Hours pass,

Days pass,

Ours is the past.


From another;

The hardest to gain.

Love of another;

The hardest to remain.

Love for another -

The hardest to abstain.

It is sometimes easiest to settle

Rather than wait for acceptance.

Adequately, you might just let it be.

As betting on the love that you deserve

May be the furthest from your reach.

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